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Since January 2016, the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Kaiserhof Wien is a Non Smoking Hotel!

  • Bonus

    Online Booking Bonus

    KAISERHOF Vienna - Online Booking Bonus

    When you book directly on our own hotel homepage, you will not only receive the best rate and the last available room, as a little thank you, you will receive a little treat.  Choose from of the 3 following boni and we prepare everything for you. Receive a voucher, a sparkling refreshment or a sweet and chocolaty temptation - the choice is entirely yours.

     "For Gourmets"
    Benefit from a one-time discount of 10% on the entire consumption in the KAISERHOF bar.

     "A sparkling refreshment"
    We welcome you with a chilled bottle of Frizzante in your room. Chick your glasses on your relaxing stay at the KAISERHOF.

     "For chocolate lovers"
    The KAISERHOF Cube awaits you in the room, a sweet and tender temptation.

  • BestPreis

    Best Price & Availability

    When booking direct with us, you are guaranteed the best prices and availability, always!

    We are very thankful of the excellent service that booking platforms provide, and we are of course excited when guests find us through these various search engines. But this service comes at a price, and that is the commissions that are charged on each booking made which are usually in the range of 10-20% of the total stay.

    Here at Besdt Western Premier Kaiserhof Wien we have made the decision to add these commissions to our rates when we sell our beds and rooms through third parties (such as booking, HRS, Expedia,…). Many hotels have been building these commissions into their prices, which has often resulted in price increases for guests on all booking platforms. However, if you book directly with us through our website, and by email or telephone, you are guaranteed the lowest rates.

    In addition to this, we can help you, by email or phone, find the greatest selection and availability, as not all our rooms are available through third parties, but rather, with us.

    For the full selection and the best price, book direct with us through our website, our reservation team, or by telephone or email. We are looking forward to receive your reservation!

    This BESTPRICE guarantee applies only to portals where we directly offer and adjust rates (for example, Booking, Expedia, HRS, u.a.m).

  • Exterior view of Kaiserhof Wien

    Imperial Refreshment 

    Grander Water and spring water

    Water means Life – In the Best Western Premier Kaiserhof Wien we are able to offer our guests drinking water in its purest form.
    Vienna is famous for its excellent water quality. Since October 1873, the I. Spring Water pipeline provides Vienna with water directly from the lower Austrian and styrian alps region. Soon enough the water supply for the ever-growing capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire reach its limits of its capacity. On December 2nd, in 1910, the 62nd  throne jubilee of His Majesty the Emperor Franz Joseph I., the II. Spring Water pipeline was opened and supplied from now on additionally Vienna with water from the styrian Hochschwab area.

    We improved the already excellent drinking water quality and offer our guests in KAISERHOF revitalized Grander Water. Following Johann Grander’s natural procedure, the original grander water is a revitalised water that brings from its origin all the preconditions that display a pure, high-quality and bacteriologically clean drinking water. His water is matchless because it remains stable and fresh for years. This is attained by a completely natural way of water revitalisation, without adding any other ingredients or conventional water treatment methods.

  • TagenAT

    Golden Flipchart

    Imperial Meeting in KAISERHOF Wien

    Best Western Premier Kaiserhof Wien,  three times in a row, winner of the GOLDEN FLIPCHART for Vienna (2012, 2013 and 2014) and has thus been named the best conference hotel in Vienna. In 2015 & 2016 the KAISERHOF Wien reached the 2nd place among the top conference hotels in Vienna. This award is an Austria-wide independent award on base of reviews given by coaches, seminar participants and the seminar organizers by "Tagen in Österreich".

    The KAISERHOF Wien offers seminar rooms of a special kind: High ceilings (3.33 m) with stucco, lots of natural light, fresh air fan and free Wi-Fi. The modern conference technology, vital designed breaks and the personal attention give your event the desired perfection. The kindness of the staff, best quality of service, attention to details and the cozy atmosphere guarantee a successful event or seminar. Tradition and modernity come together here with austrian charm. The KAISERHOF is the finest location in the heart of Vienna for small
    receptions, openings and seminars. From 14m2 to 70m2 our facilities can accommodate a variety of events. Our 4 individually adaptable meeting rooms are quiet and centrally located, vis-à-vis the hotel, in a stylish turn of the century house.

    Tagen in Österreich - The quality classification for seminar companies and event organizers.

    Tagen in Österreich presents pioneering work for seminar and conference hotels, as well congress tourism in Austria. More than 350 quality criteria in 14 categories form the base of a flipchart classification. As a quality indicator between three and five flipcharts will be awarded. Only for companies with proven high quality is such a classification at all possible.

    Especially for organizers and seminar organizers transparency thus obtained should represent an important planning aid, but also for meeting and seminar enterprises which classification is a valuable marketing tool. There is hereby created a clearly separated from the unclassified competitors.

    The classification method was developed by with well-known representatives of leading meeting and conference hotels, as well as business coaches and staff developers.

    Four flipcharts for the KAISERHOF Wien

    Modern, well-equipped conference and meeting rooms offer excellent working conditions. The seminar and media technology leaves no wishes open, committed and competent employees ensure a perfect seminar schedule. Vital designed menu suggestions and creative coffee breaks raise the productivity and creativity of the seminar participants. In the motivating and inspiring atmosphere of the meeting and group rooms work becomes a pleasure.

    In the classification of those areas are included, which are important for a successful event. The detailed view of the whole comprises a total of 403 points, which are weighted differently, the greater the importance, the more they are incorporated into the overall result.

    Verified criteria:

    • standard and advanced equipment
    • Seminar rooms
    • External appearance
    • Support
    • Board
    • Break rooms, meeting points
    • Property, trainer and participant rooms
    • Public Areas
    • Seminar Room Care


    The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) is committed to ensuring that allergy sufferers have a better and easier life. The ECARF Foundation has its headquarters at the renowned Berlin Charité.

    Since years, the number of people who suffers in allergy is increasing in all industrialized countries. More than 30% of european people are directly affected by one or more allergies. Allergies limit the quality of life of those affected and are often underestimated or not treated properly or even recognized.

    Since 2006, the ECARF Quality Seal is an award for allergy-friendly products and services. The represented award-winning products and services are suitable for people with allergies and intolerances and offer a special added value and simplify their everydays life.

    The Best Western Premier Kaiserhof Wien is holding the ECARF certification since March 2012. We have set ourselves the aim of making people with allergies and intolerances the stay in our hotel as pleasant as possible. Therefore we have set up five allergy-friendly rooms for our guests.

    The rooms are equipped with the following amenities:

    • Non smoking rooms, no pets allowed, no plants
    • Wooden floor or short pile carpet
    • Allergy beds (no duvets)
    • Mite protectors and encasings
    • PH-adjusted cosmetic products (ECARF certified) in the bathroom
    • Histamine-free wine in the minibar
    • Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and HEPA 13 filter
    • Aircondition with special filters
    • Vegane, gluten- & lactose-free products at the breakfast buffet
    • Gelatine-free “goodnight goodies”

    Of course we try the welfare of our guests with the "KAISERHOF buffet breakfast". We offer a wide range of different products at the buffet for people who suffer on allergies, such as a selection of lactose-, gluten-free, vegan and soy products.

    Our Service Staff are available to our guests in this respect at any time for questions and requests.

  • GreenGlobe

    Green Globe

    "In tune with the times, anchored in tradition. simpy authenitc & from the heart"

    Since March 2012, the KAISERHOF Wien is certified as the first hotel in Austria by GREEN GLOBE.

    Responsibility and sustainable behaviour are important to us in KAISERHOF Wien. That`s why we decided to participate in a "Green Globe" certification. In tune with the times for us means to combine the traditional values of a Viennese city hotel with the requirements to the environment and the careful use of resources. Green Globe is the global certification for sustainable tourism. The membership is reserved for companies and organizations which are committed to make positive contributions to people and to the planet.

    Sustainability is a value that influences our society on many levels. We are currently experiencing a change in thinking that has a special social significance. Today we are aware of how important our actions are and what decisive influence this has on the future and the quality of life of future generations. With small steps we are able to start directly with ourselves and begin “to live” sustainability.

    For years we in KAISERHOF Wien have been taking part in the careful use of our resources, waste reduction and recycling. With several modifications and adaptations in the hotel we have set a variety of measures to focus on sustainability and environmental protection. In order to protect our environment and to counteract the shortage of resources and wastage, for example, a water-reducing-system was installed, as well as sensors attached to the windows: as they are opened, the air-conditioning or the heating interrupt automatically. Energy-saving lamps and motion sensors are used throughout the hotel wherever appropriate.

    We make every effort to offer the best quality to our guests. Therefore we work with selected regional and local producers, which are responsive to our requested needs and guarantee the highest quality and freshness. For us it is important to buy our products from local suppliers and vendors, so the delivery path can be kept as short as possible and save CO2 emissions.

    Vienna offers a very well structured network of public transportation. On your arrival you will receive a street map and all the necessary information. If you would like to rent a bike, our team at reception will be pleased to assist you.  It is also possible for you to be picked up by an electrically generated taxi. Unfortunately due to the limited numbers of e-cabs in Vienna the waiting times are longer (15 mins). There are many different ways of reaching the airport easily by public transport. We recommend the CAT (City airport train departing at Wien Mitte), the airport bus or the railway.

    Vienna is well-known as a cultural metropolis. We would also be delighted to put you in contact with a certified tour guide. Vienna also consists of many attractive protected nature places and many green areas to relax in. The “Wienerwald” is one of the UNESCO acclaimed biosphere parks. ( The “Lobau” is part of the Danube National Park. ( and is easily reachable by bicycles.

    We are counting on your co-operation and take this chance to thank you in advance for your support. Maybe you have ideas of your own that could help improve our system? We gladly accept all suggestions.

  • Awards

    BEST WESTERN PREMIER Kaiserhof Wien - Awards and Certifications


    • Annual - Quality Austria ISO 9001:2015 certification


    • Summer - Quality and Service Award by BEST WESTERN 
    • Autumn - Reclassification in the seminar-, conference- and convention area, reached four flipcharts by “Tagen in Österreich”
    • Annual - Quality Austria ISO 9001:2015 certification


    • November - 2nd place at the "Golden Flipchart Award" for the best conference hotels in Vienna by "Tagen in Österreich"
    • September - Quality and Service Award by BEST WESTERN 


    • November - third time “Golden Flipchart Award” as best conference hotel in Vienna by “Tagen in Österreich”
    • November and January - Quality & Service Award by BEST WESTERN
    • June - Recertification by GREEN GLOBE
    • Summer - Recertification as allergy friendly hotel by ECARF


    • December - “Golden Flipchart Award” as best conference hotel in Vienna by “Tagen in Österreich”
    • September - Classification in the seminar-, conference- and convention area, reached four flipcharts by “Tagen in Österreich”
    • June - BEST WESTERN Electronic Guest Survey Awards 2012 (1st place of all BEST WESTERN HOTELS in CEE - Guest-Award)


    • December - “Golden Flipchart Award” as best conference hotel in Vienna by “Tagen in Österreich”
    • June - BEST WESTERN electronic guest survey Award 2011 (1st place of all BEST WESTERN HOTELS in CEE - Guest-Award)
    • May - Certification by ECARF as an allergy friendly hotel
    • March - Certification by GREEN-GLOBE (1st hotel in Austria)
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